DR Strings Announces NEON Hi-Def White Luminescent Strings

Published 10 years ago on June 21, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

DR Strings Announces NEON Hi-Def White LuminescentStrings -

DR Strings has introduced Neon Hi-Def White guitar and bassstring sets, which are White in color and UV and Black Light activeto their range. DR's Neon Hi-Def White strings are super brightcoated strings that will sound clear, bright and musical as well asprovide unparalleled string performance and longevity. All stringsin the sets are completely protected and white in colour.

Super bright in daylight and under stage lighting, DR's Neonstrings are so bright in appearance they look like they are onfire.

DR's Neon Hi-Def White strings are 100% black light active sothey glow strongly under UV lighting.

DR's K3 coating has been proven to last at least 9 times longer(by documented factory tests) than previous DR coatings. The new,durable K3™ coating will not strip away, peel or come off under anyplaying condition we have put it thorough in numerous, stressfulfactory tests.

Neon Hi-Def White Strings are available in standard electricguitar 9-42, 10-46 and 11-50 sets. Acoustic guitar string sets comein 11-50 and 12-54 gauges. Bass strings in medium 4 string gauge(45-105) and 5 string gauge (45-125) will also be available.


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