Diablo FX Launches The First Wireless Guitar FX Control Pedal

Published 10 years ago on January 11, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Diablo FX Launches The First Wireless Guitar FX ControlPedal -

Diablo FX, a new playerin the guitar market, introduces a truly innovative solution foreffects pedal players: Sound Control 6. The Sound Control system isthe first wireless all-in-one effects pedal management system whichenables guitar players to turn on and off multiple analog ordigital effects in one stomp. Sound Control 6 is unique because ofits wireless design, which means no cords and power strips at thefront of the stage or in the way at practice.


Everyone who uses pedals when performing experiences the samedilemma: set-up and break-down takes forever, power cords clutterup the stage and the performers had better be very practiced andskilled to stomp on the right pedal, or combination of pedals, atthe right time. Joseph Lockyer, co-founder of Diablo FX, was nostranger to these challenges, and, playing more and bigger gigs, hereally needed a simpler solution. At that point, he and Rick Schwabinvented a new wireless pedal, the first of its kind: Sound Control6, to be introduced to the world for the first time at NAMM2013.

"I will never go back to pushing pedals again, because SoundControl 6 makes everything so easy. My set-up takes me about sevenminutes now: take out my amps, plug in, take out my wireless pedaland put it on stage, and I'll go have a beer while the rest of theguys are still setting up," Lockyer says with a grin and adds "Atthe end of the night, I pick up my pedal, throw it in the bag,close my box up and I'm done."


Not only is set-up easy, playing with Sound Control 6 makes yourperformance simpler and better. It is hard to turn a number ofpedals on and off at the same time, within half a second. Even themost practiced players easily miss pedals again and again. SoundControl 6 can be placed anywhere on stage and it allows to controlup to six effects pedals or effects loops. Simply select the pedalsyou want to be "on" for up to four different channels. Now, you canturn on or off up to six pedals on each channel with one buttonpush. Listening to all the changes that happen with just one buttonclick is amazing: turning on the EQ, adding analog delay, a littlereverb - players appreciate the huge benefit to be able to do allthose things without having to perform the usual "tap dance".

High fidelity

When a pedal is not in use, Sound Control 6 bypasses italtogether. When using stomp boxes, the audio signal is degradedtraveling through various pedals in line, regardless whether theyare turned on or off. With Sound Control 6, however, a pedal thatis not in use, will be physically bypassed, so the audio signal isnot going through that pedal at all. This allows for minimal signaldisruption. Another factor is the length of cable run across thestage. With regular stomp boxes, the signal has to travel through75 feet of cord or more. Sound Control 6 only requires a couple offeet of cable to be connected, further decreasing loss offidelity.


Sound Control 6 allows for great versatility. "You can use itfor up to six effects on each of the four channels, or as an ampswitching device or use it as an effects loop for a digitalprocessor. You can do so many things with it, it's crazy" saysLockyer.

Pricing & Availability:

Sound Control 6: MSRP $599.00 - available at


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