Danelectro launch Billionaire Pedals

Published 5 years ago on January 16, 2018

By Jonathan Graham

With their die-cast steel construction and featuring high gloss ‘classic car’ finishes, the new superb range of Billionaire Pedals from Danelectro USA not only look the business, but also deliver tons of vintage tone in spades.

The Pride of Texas (BP1 £89.99 UK rrp) recreates that ‘holy grail’ bluesy tone of one of the greatest and most infuential guitar players to walk the earth, fattening up your signal without losing clarity or voice. Ideal for both single coils or humbuckers, the Pride of Texas provides plenty of boost for crunchy rhythm or screaming lead solos.

Meanwhile, the Filthy Rich Tremolo (BT1 £79.99 UK rrp) accurately replicates the original Danelectro amplifier tremolo tones from the 1940’s, providing lush, fat, pulsing trem that, once tried, will become an essential part of your pedalboard set-up.

The Billion Dollar Boost (BB1 £79.99 UK rrp) reissue of a rare 80’s ‘hidden gem’. Boosts all frequencies, plus provides pure pre-amp clean with lots of gain. Clean and crisp at 50% or less, but pushes the amp into crunchy bite at 50% or more, this pedal will become your secret weapon.

Recreating the classic rotary cabinet sound has been a big challenge for years, but the Big Spender Spinning Speaker (BK1 £99.99 UK rrp) finally nails this once and for all. Rich and sparkling, the ramp switch lets you initiate speed up/down, giving you glorious, swirling, mesmerising effects you’ll love to use!

Finally, classic-voiced pedals require a classic power supply! As modern DC psu’s and alkaline batteries can degrade your tone, the Battery Billionaire (BAT1 £69.99 UK rrp) works using 4 Danelectro vintage batteries through 4 DC cables (supplied). A quick, easy-open lid makes battery replacement a breeze and a ‘kill switch’ cuts power so no need to unplug your cables each time. Meanwhile, its small footprint is ideal for even the most compact pedalboard.

Try out the new Billionaire pedal range from Danelectro at all good music stores now.


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