D'Addario Announces Extension to NYXL Bass String Line

Published 7 years ago on August 1, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

D'Addario is excited to announce the expansion of their NYXL Bass premium bass string line to include three additional sets and a full line of single strings.

Reformulated from the ground-up and designed for all playing styles, D'Addario's NYXL Bass strings provide more dynamic range and sustain than any other bass string on the market. Made with reformulated nickel plated steel, these strings boast unmatched sustain and harmonic response as well as a more expansive tonal palate. This new construction delivers deep, powerful lows, focused punch, and accentuated harmonics.

NYXL Bass strings also provide greater tuning stability, increased break resistance, and longer string life, and have been proving their unrivalled abilities since their initial launch earlier this year.

'After playing the same set of NYXL bass strings for over 3 months '“ in the studio and on the road with Joe Bonamassa '“ they have retained almost all of the rich harmonic quality they had when they were fresh.  The tension is balanced, low but not floppy. They stay in tune, even after being rocked on hard. My round wound string of choice from now on.'


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