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Published 6 years ago on January 22, 2017

By Jonathan Graham

Crazy Tube Circuits introduce five brand new stompboxes at NAMM; Space Charged, Deranged, Splash mk3 stereo +, White Whale and Echotopia.

Space Charged

The pedal features a 12AY7 preamp tube, powered from a standard 9V DC power supply with an internal voltage multiplier to make the tube feel more comfortable! You will experience warm, organic, tube tone with excellent touch sensitivity from clean boost to authentic classic-rock distortion.


In search of the ultimate envelope filter, we set out to mod a classic design of the past to match the needs of the modern player. To make the pedal a little more exciting and “crazy,” we added analog gated fuzz with switchable -1, +1, and +2 octaves. You can use both effects simultaneously or independently via the pair of easily accessible footswitches. A dry out level control makes the effect perfectly suitable for guitar, bass, or keyboards.

Splash mk3 stereo +

A lot of our customers asked for a stereo version of our award-winning reverb. And we listened! This pedal features the same studio quality reverb algorithms of the mono version—but is now expanded in stereo.

In addition to the separate mix and level controls for each channel, you can choose between two presets of excite, decay, and mix with momentary or latching operation. Add an expression pedal to control decay/excite or even remotely bypass/engage the effect and switch between the two presets. Excite your tone with Splash mk3 stereo + and its many layers of practical functionality.

White Whale (see above image)

Why do you have to struggle for a digital emulation of two classic effects when you can have the real thing? That’s what we asked ourselves when capturing the concept of White Whale. It features a real spring-reverb tank along with controls for dwell, mix, and tone to provide the lushest spring reverb you’ll ever find in a pedal of its size. Combined with its two selectable modes of analog tremolo, the White Whale is all you’ll ever need to deliver old-school surf tones.


We are proud to announce Echotopia, a retro tape-echo-style delay with four heads—each with its own mix/feedback control for the ultimate control of rhythmic patterns. Features include controls for delay time (40 ms up to 1,200 ms), echo feedback, mood/tone of the repeats, and rate and depth for sine-wave modulation. The tap tempo/hold footswitch adds extra flexibility and makes the effect ideal for live situations. Set the pedal in mono or stereo ping-pong output operation (internal switch sets which head goes left or right).

Crazy Tube Circuits NAMM 2017 

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