Buzz Feiten Guitars Launches 'Ask Buzz Feiten'

Published 9 years ago on May 13, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Buzz Feiten Guitars is offering the chance for guitar players to have their questions answered by Buzz Feiten. Whether they're technical questions about guitars, performance questions from players or just inquiries about what makes Buzz Feiten Guitars different than any solid body electric on the market today, players are encouraged to submit their questions to:

The first 25 people to submit their questions will receive a free Buzz Feiten Guitars T-shirt and see their answers posted on our Facebook page:

The Buzz Feiten Guitar company ( creates some of the finest handmade electric guitars available today. Based in North Hollywood, California, the company was founded by legendary guitar player, Buzz Feiten, who also invented the Buzz Feiten Tuning System, which is used by many top-level studio guitar players and guitar manufacturers around the world, to correct intonation and tuning problems, allowing the guitar to play in tune, anywhere on the fretboard.

Buzz Feiten Guitars are the culmination of Buzz's forty five years of experience, as a player, performer and inventor. The guitar models offer players a variety of tonewood tops, on an Alder core, with custom wound pickups and a proprietary tone circuit, allowing endless possibilities of tones that inspire, to bring out the best in every player who picks one up. Players like Vince Gill, Dean Parks and Paul Barerre all agree, once you pick one up, it's hard to put it down!  


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