Barefaced Audio's High Resolution Active Loudspeaker Provides New Level of Sonic Accuracy for Live Musicians

Published 8 years ago on April 21, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Barefaced Audio believe they have achieved a new level of sonic accuracy for live musicians with their FR800 high resolution active loudspeaker.

Loudspeakers that let musicians hear the real sound of their instrument

Founder and Chief Engineer Alex Claber talked to us about their design goals: "When you notice that 'full range flat response' loudspeakers all sound different to each other you realise that achieving 'FRFR' alone does not result in sonic accuracy. During the development of the FR800 we placed equal importance on optimising the transient, polar, dynamic response as well as the frequency response. Doing this removes the inherent sound of the loudspeaker, letting you really hear your instrument."

The target audience for the FR800 is all musicians who want studio quality reproduction of their signal chain in live music environments, whether using guitar amp/FX/cab modelling, playing acoustic instruments, bass or keys.

Huge sound, tiny size

Combining a true 800W RMS power module with their unique 12XN550 low/mid driver and high definition neo HF unit results in 127dB max SPL, ample for all but the loudest bands or largest stages. Despite this very high output the FR800 weighs only 15kg. The programmable audiophile quality digital signal processor optimises the response for everything from 42Hz-16kHz flatness to tailored curves which flatter acoustic or electric guitars.

About Barefaced Audio

Barefaced Audio is a manufacturer of loudspeakers for bass instruments and pro-sound based in Brighton, and founded by engineer and bass player Alex Claber in 2008. Now on its third generation of products, Barefaced challenges bass cab convention by producing innovative designs built around a desire for maximum tone and sonic performance in the real world of gigging. All Barefaced Audio products are designed and built in the UK.

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