Barefaced Audio Introduces New Retro Two10

Published 8 years ago on March 26, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Barefaced Audio claim that their all new Retro Two10 cab can deliver the vibe and output of a sealed 4x10" cab despite being half the size.

Their advanced 10CR250 drivers combine vintage tone with high output whilst the unique hybrid resonator enclosure allows for maximum bass output thanks to the extra air movement it provides.

Loud, light and affordable The Retro Two10 is proving to be a lightweight (30lbs) and affordable single 4 ohm cab solution for classic rock and soul bass tones with frighteningly high output and big lows when paired with typical lightweight heads.

Alternatively, two or three Two10s stacked under big valve amps are just the ticket for a vintage vibe with modern power handling, vast potential bass output and superior dispersion.

Fat yet clear tone Designed to usually be used horizontally for maximum thickness of tone, the 'Barefaced line array' crossover ensures the tone around the room remains as consistent as when used vertically. Turning the cab upright changes the enclosure tuning to remove sonic mud and improve clarity in boomy venues or cramped rehearsal rooms.

Alex Claber, founder and chief engineer at Barefaced adds "We're excited that the new Two10 is, in many ways, like an updated version of our original Compact 1x15" - despite using smaller speakers the new Two10 has a bigger, mellower tone in the lows and mids but with added treble presence and dispersion from the lighter cones and a more flattering character thanks to the classic ceramic magnets."


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