AlumiSonic Introduces the New 1100-FR, Featuring GraphTech's Floyd Rose Ghost Acoustic Bridge

Published 11 years ago on October 24, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

AlumiSonic Introduces the New 1100-FR, featuringGraphTech's Floyd Rose Ghost Acoustic Bridge -

The new AlumiSonic 1100-FR aluminum guitar is a special and longawaited addition to our 1100 series of show chrome plated aluminumarchtop instruments. Based on our 1100-Custom design, theAlumiSonic 1100-FR is completely re-engineered for Graph TechGuitar Labs exclusive Floyd Rose Ghost Piezo Bridge, that allowsfor an authentic studio quality acoustic guitar tone at the flickof a switch, as well as the additional option of a 13 pin MIDIcompatible output. The AlumiSonic 1100-FR is fabricated with athick, machined aluminum frame, fused inside the body for mountingthe Floyd Rose for superior tone transference to both the 1100grade hand formed aluminum archtop, and 6061 aluminum bottompanels. As a result, the resonant sustain on this design was beyondwhat we could have imagined. The 1100-FR body shares the samecombination of material types and thicknesses as the AlumiSonic1100-Custom, selected to produce the ultimate equalization ofaluminum clarity with deep, controllable, semi-hollow arch-topresonance and sustain.

Both high output alnico V pickups of the 1100-Deluxe are backedwith nitrocellulose lacquered, Honduran mahogany chambers, for anextra percussive crunch and hollow body resonance control, with awarm hybrid-blend of aluminum resonance through Mahogany. The necksoffered for the 1100-FR, are designed to maintain the feel, balanceand temperature of a classic, set neck carved-top instrument.Through extensive testing we determined that mahogany is thenecessary hybrid ingredient for balance of flavoring andtransference of sound from a quality tone wood neck, to a purealuminum body. The neck is internally set which results in a smoothback, with no external neck mounting hardware.

All AlumiSonic guitars are hand crafted by custom luthier, RayMatter, who fabricates every instrument to the highest level ofdetail and dimensional perfection, applying unlimited hours to theflawless fit and exquisite surface finishing of every component,far beyond the quality control limitations of mass production. Aswith most of AlumiSonic's custom guitars, specification sheetsshowing different variations of each guitar are available fordownloading and printing on AlumiSonic's web page, or anappointment can be made with Ray Matter by phone, to help designyour custom AlumiSonic guitar.

For additional information on AlumiSonic Guitars and itsinnovative designs visit for more details.

"It wasn't until we discovered the Graph Tech Ghost LB63, thatwe realized the ability to offer the ultimate tremolo inplayability, combined with the best acoustic sound on themarket and the fastest MIDI tracking I've everexperienced."

Ray Matter - President



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