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Rick Graham - Guitar Roadmaps Part 1: 4 Note Per String Scales with Tapping

Lesson Notes

Most guitar players are probably familiar with 3-note-per-string (3nps) scale shapes. They’re a convenient way to arrange the notes of a scale for fast playing because they maximise the number of notes on each string in a given shape, without exceeding your left hand’s reach.

That last part is crucial, because while you have four fingers on your fretting hand, the stretches required to play four scale notes on a single string can be awkward, painful and (if you’re not adequately prepared) potentially injurious. But who says all four fingers have to be on the same hand?

The beauty of this approach is that you only need to memorise a handful of shapes in order to fully traverse the fretboard with speed and fluidity. In the video for this lesson, Rick Graham shows you a simple and comprehensive way of learning these patterns.

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