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Rick Graham - Guitar Roadmaps Part 2: 4ths & 4 Note Per String Patterns

Lesson Notes

** As featured in issue 2 **

Four note per string patterns - Part Two

In the last guitar lesson we looked at ways of breaking out of our familiar box scale positions by using four note per string patterns. We'll be continuing in the same way this lesson, however I would like to use a different, but equally useful, method of traversing the fretboard in a more horizontal, rather than vertical fashion by using string pairs. In my formative years of playing I used this guitar technique on a regular basis, especially as it's a method often employed by the guitarists I was inspired by at the time, such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert.

Fourth Intervals

Before blasting into the sequences at speed, I recommend that you learn where the notes lie by playing them as fourth intervals all the way up the fretboard. You'll find that all but one of the intervals can be played by using a barre over the same fret, which simplifies the whole process of learning the shapes. The only interval that doesn't is between the notes F and B.


The next logical step is to learn where the shapes occur on all the other pairs of strings and this means we will have to figure out where we are in our sequence of fourth intervals. Remember that the sequence of shapes is exactly the same but starts from a different point in that sequence. The other exception to the rule is when playing the fourth intervals on the 3rd and 2nd strings. Here, each interval is a semitone apart, with the exception again of the notes F and B, which are a tone apart.  Hope you have fun with the sequences and try and create your own too. See you next time.

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