Studiomaster Drive 12a active speakers

Studiomaster is a UK-based company that has a long history in powered and unpowered PA mixing consoles and loudspeakers. Now under Chinese ownership, along with sister company, the amp maker Carlsbro, following some ups and downs, its current (and expanding) range of products are rebuilding the company's reputation. The latest Studiomaster loudspeaker to come to market is the Drive Series, which replaces their established and successful VPX/VSX ranges.

The Drive 12A is the smaller of the two active speakers in the Drive Series, the other model being its bigger brother, the Drive 15A.  Like its sibling, the 12A features a restyled moulded enclosure with a more contemporary feel than the previous VPX/VSX series. The 12A's cabinet has three integral handles - on top and on either side that make handling it an easy task. Weight isn't an issue either as the new Class D amplifiers - delivering 250 Watts RMS to the 12'

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