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Tom Quayle - Developing Professional Technique: Part 1 - Finger Placement

Lesson Notes

In our initial stages of playing, the weight of thought we place on our left hand finger placement happens very consciously. However, over time, muscle memory fosters a more subconscious form of playing when it comes to the precision and consistency of our finger placement. Focusing more on the position of our fretting hand fingers however, can have a hugely positive impact on our ability to perform at our technical best more reliably. 

Take, for example the analogy of a ballet dancer performing on the tips of their toes; when striving for fretting hand accuracy we should employ the same approach, by using the very tips of our fingers. This not only aids accuracy but also gives a consistency of physical feel to our lines. 

Despite this seeming like very obvious technical advice, under scrutiny, all of us are guilty of not consistency using the very tips of our fingers when delivering familiar lines. Becoming more aware of how your fingers feel and the use of finger tips as part of your thought process as you play is a proven method for playing more comfortably and accurately whilst alleviating tension. 

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