Published 9 years ago on June 17, 2014

By Guitar Interactive Magazine


When it comes to things like gear, from chatting with Matt and Corey I can tell you they're real sticklers for the details. Matt has gone through a lot of guitars looking for what's perfect for him but has ended up back with the Gibson family where he started, now having a very unique signature Epiphone Les Paul (in 6 and 7-string versions) based loosely on his old Gibson guitar but with tweaks like improved upper fret access and hardware.

Levi Clay

Trivium Pursuit
Spurred by reader requests, we'd been tracking US metallers Trivium for some time. Finally Levi Clay met up with singer/guitarist Matt Heafy and lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu for our exclusive interview.

Few bands ever manage to live up to the hype put on them by the music press, and the title of the next Metallica


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