Gi Guitar Backing Track - Chill Rock Groove in C# minor

Not in a shred guitar state of mind? Lay back with this chilled out guitar backing track in C# minor. Want some hints and tips for the best guitar scale patterns to solo with? You will find handy scale diagrams included.

Gi Derek Trucks Style Guitar Backing Track - Slow Jam in E major

Slow down and sit in the pocket with this Derek Trucks style guitar backing track in E major. Great for laying down those soulful melodic blues guitar licks. Major guitar scale diagrams included.

Gi Guitar Backing Track - Classic YouTube Fusion: A, C, D & F Dorian

This Tom Quayle style modern fusion guitar backing track will put your dorian guitar licks and lines to the test. Modulating between A, C, D and F dorian, this jazz funk jam track is sure to keep you on your toes.